Working primarily with ceramic materials, Sarah House creates abstract sculpture and installations inspired by the fractal mathematics of nature.

House earned her BFA from Tyler School of Art, and her MFA from Tulane University. She has participated in numerous Artist in Residence programs both international as well as within the United States.

House is a Windgate Fellow, a Nyburg Fellow, and has been recognized globally for her work while participating in exhibitions in across Europe, Asia and North America.

House currently resides in New Orleans creating works in her Midcity studio.

Watch a Video Introduction to Sarah and her Work

Photo by Stephen Kennedy

My works are an investigation of pattern, form and interconnectedness. Through ceramic sculpture I explore various yet similar fractal patterns found throughout nature. Fractals are self similar, meaning each part of the pattern has the same characteristics as the whole. These reoccurring patterns appear at progressively smaller scales. Examples are abundant in nature, from clouds and mountains to neurons and galaxies. The similarities between different naturally occurring fractal patterns fills me with a profound feeling of interconnection with nature. In making works inspired from this theme, I hope to show others the innumerable connections throughout the natural world. I will be successful when my audience then notices these patterns all around them, and feels they are connected to something greater than themselves.